Passion, seducction and drama.

Cecilia Violeta López and Zack Altman in the San Jose Opera Compay



The Silicon Valley is not only home to software and technology, there is also an important artistic movement and a sophisticated audience that loves and supports music .

In thiZack Altmans program we allow ourselves to be seduced by the charm of Violetta Cecilia Lopez and Zachary Altman , who visited us at KZSU 90.1fm to commemorate the end of their season of performances at the Opera in San Jose with the presentation of Mozart ‘s Don Giovanni .

We talk about their careers, and the passion required to excel in this field. The new generation of talented young singers are artists who also enjoy Byonce,  Mozart and pop music. We did not  stopped laughing about some revealing stories from behind the scenes.

A performan20140408_162229-2ce of Don Giovanni and Madama Butterfly, demand great physical and mental effort. Upon getting into character, the artists must incorporate the historical context of the work, put body and soul into every act to keep alive the flame of the lyric art . And at the same time they must integrate the universality of the topics covered in the opera and transmit their strength. What is the motivation of Don Giovanni to collect affairs ? Is Donna Anna  a poor innocent victim? This and more in our chat with Cecilia and Zachary .
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