The interviews are recorded at KZSU 90.1FM Standord

The shows are broadcasted on Tuesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm PST

Where are KZSU Studios?

The address is 540 Memorial Way, Stanford, CA 94305-5010 and can be used as a guide to the closest parking lot for car navigators.

Entrance to KZSU


KZSU is located in the basement of Memorial Auditorium (see Stanford map for location) on the side near the GSB Graduate School of Business, Memorial Way, and the Ivy.  The door to the station is down a short flight of stairs to the left of the entrance to the  Pigott Theater.  The door has KZSU painted on it, if it’s closed and locked, please ring the doorbell.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Look for Visitor Parking and  Service Car signs, after 4:00pm is Free!!!

Stanford’s Transportation website provides maps to visitor parking places.  The visitors’ parking lot at the corner of Galvez Street and Memorial Way. Metered parking can be found on either side of Memorial Way which runs along the back of Memorial Auditorium as well as along the Oval on the side of the Graduate School of Business. Parking is enforced from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The parking meters take quarters and charge $0.25 for 10 minutes ($1.50 per hour) up to a maximum of two hours, which is enough time for the show. Also credit cards, so don’t woryy if you don’t have coins.Part of the parking along Memorial Way and the parking along Lasuen Way is meant for cars with “A” parking permits.


On the north side of Memorial Way near Galvez Street, one can pay for parking using the parking permit dispenser which takes credit cards, bills, and coins. The parking permit is then good for any metered space in any visitor parking lot on campus.




Parking is free on holidays. There is a dirt lot at the corner of Galvez Street and Campus Drive that is opened for events. If it is open, you can park there for free, and it is a short walk along Galvez Street to Memorial Way. There are some metered parking spaces in the parking lot located across Campus Drive East from Maples Pavilion.  You can walk along the path by the sand volleyball courts and past the Ford Center to get back to Memorial Way.

Another alternative is to park for free on El Camino Real near Galvez Street and either walk through the Arboretum or take the Marguerite bus described below. The bus stop is on Galvez Street near El Camino Real.

Can I bike to the station?

If you are biking, there are lots of bike racks between Memorial Hall and the GSB Graduate School of Business, right by KZSU studios. If you are uncomfortable locking up your bike outside, we can usually find a spot for it inside the station that is safe.

Can I get there by Marguerite?

Yes, you can get to KZSU studios on Marguerite, Stanford’s Free Shuttle. The bus runs every 15 minutes. Nearly all of the bus lines have stops either in front of Memorial Auditorium or on Galvez Street at Memorial Way.  Stanford’s Transportation website provides Marguertie route maps .  Marguerite is also a good way to get to KZSU from Caltrain or downtown Palo Alto. You may tell the driver to drop you off as close as possible to Memorial Auditorium. The A Line stop will take you across the street from the steps leading down to the Graduate School of Business (Hoover Tower at your back). Please go down the steps and walk straight for 90 feet and you will see a sign for KZSU on your right. The Line B Counter Clockwise route will take you to the stop at Memorial Way which you will need to walk down toward the end (Hoover Tower on your left). KZSU will be to the left at the end of the parking lot behind the large cement trash structures. You can park for free on El Camino near Galvez Street and catch the Marguerite bus at the bus stop on Galvez Street near El Camino Real.

kzsu-entrance-seen-from-side-of-memorial-wayLooking forward to see you!

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