About Us

From Stanford, we offer hispanic bilingual cultural radio shows.

Connecting the Creative Community around the World.

This is a bilingual, cultural radio program produced and broadcasted at KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM at Stanford University, California.

We feature stories and interviews about people that are an inspiration for the community. We approach innovators, musicians, scientists, artists, politicians, filosophers, etc. Stories that make history.


Elizabeth Trajtenberg

Was born in Israel, but raced in Argentina. She is a Clinical Psychologist and has studied and worked in Argentina, Spain and Israel. She is living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 15 years. She has a degree in Film and now is committed to the broadcasting of quality radio programs for the community in general, always with a “Latino- Hispanic” angle.

She brings her multidisciplinary expertise to the reporting field with a deep personal understanding of the different cultures.  Her purpose is to create  relevant, intellectually stimulating content in today’s media networks.

Her interests are  anthropology, economy, education, biographies, contemporary artists and more. She loves people with different upbringings,  the Bay Area is the perfect place to mingle and gather interesting stories.

If you are interested in this venture as part of the team and want to share your knowledge and experiences,   get in touch and Let’s Make History!


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